Prolongement de la dead line - appel à projets - Mapping Festival 2010

Prévue initialement jusqu’au 4 janvier 2010, la dead line de l’appel à projets pour la prochaine édition du Mapping Festival est prolongée jusqu’au 15 janvier 2010!

Les inscriptions se font toujours en ligne via notre site internet : Quelques clics et c’est dans la boîte.

D’ici la prochaine édition, du 6 au 16 mai 2010, toute l’équipe du Mapping Festival vous adresse ses meilleurs voeux pour 2010!

Dead line prolongation – call for entries – Mapping Festival 2010

Initially planned on 4th January, the dead line of the call for entries for the next Mapping Festival is prolonged until the 15th January 2010!

The application is still on line on our web site : Until the next Mapping Festival, from the 6th to the 16th Mai 2010, all the team wishes you the best for 2010 !


RSS suscribers: new website address !

The address of the Mapping Festival has changed, please update your RSS subscriptions !
Visit the new website on

L’adresse du site internet du Mapping Festival a changé, veuillez mettre à jour vos inscriptions RSS !
Visitez le nouveau site sur


Recherche un(e) stagiaire chargé(e) de communication.

L’Association Mapping Festival recherche un(e) stagiaire chargé(e) de communication pour l’édition 2010.

Date : du 1er février au 31 mai 2010.

Location: Genève

Pour lire l’annonce cliquer sur : Stage communication


What’s your plan for the 5th December ?


Pour soutenir le Mapping Festival on vous a concocté une Drum’n'Bass Party au Zoo / Usine avec special gest VJs!

Line Up DJs
Arno (Vintage records / FR) Dj Set
Dj MF (Cryo / CH) Dj Set
Kenhobiz (Zoo Kru / CH) Dj set
Malastas & Autopath (CH)

Line Up VJs
AZADEH (Zoo crew / CH)
Boris Edelstein (Modul8 / CH)
ReadMe (CH)
Sigma6 (CH)
Lupin (F)
Ivy (Zoo crew / CH)
La Loutre (Zoo crew / CH)
Gertrude Tuning (Zoo crew / CH)

Que du local mais pas des moindres pour une grosse soirée Drum’n’Bass qui fait du bien. Des Djs et Vjs pour toute la nuit dans le seul but, celui de soutenir le Mapping Festival. Tout ce beau monde vient nous soutenir le 5 décembre au Zoo ! Et vous, vous faites quoi ?

Be there or die.

Entrée dès 23h
8CHF / 5.5€ avant minuit, 12CHF / 8€ avant 2h, 15CHF / 10€ après
Place des Volontaires


Bientôt : lancement de l’appel à projets artistique / The artistic call for entries will coming soon

L’appel à projets artistiques ne serait tarder à être lancé.
Cette année, il se fera en ligne.
Préparez vos projets !

The artistic call for entries will coming soon.
This year, the registration will be done on line.
Be ready !


Mapping Festival, 6ème édition : du 6 au 16 mai 2010. Book it !

Book it on your diary : from 6th to 16th may 2010 !

Several places in Geneva for the 6th Mapping Festival edition !
- BAC : Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain
- Théâtre de la Parfumerie
- Théâtre du Grütli
- Zoo / Usine
- Spoutnik / Usine

More information ? Be patient.


Super article sur le Mapping Festival 2009 / Great article about Mapping Festival 2009

Traduction d’un super article sur le Mapping Festival 2009 écrit par Silvia Blanchi aka Blanche sur le webzine Digicult !

Pour le lire, click ICI!

Here is the translation of the great article written by Silvia Blanchi aka Blanche about the Mapping Festival 2009 based online zine Digicult !

To read it, click HERE !


Can anyone read Italian?

Silvia Bianchi contributed a post to the Italian based online zine Digicult about this years edition. Some nice photos too. The first is actually from last years performance of Luma Luanisch and the fresh new one is the performance of Raquel Meyers during the LaptopsRUs event at the Zoo.

If anyone can translate this for us…


Ork photos unleashed!

Every year since the 2007 edition of the Mapping we have been graced with the fine eye of Stephan Pecorini (aka Ork). His photos have provided definitions of the experiences that are the performances, workshops and other arms of our festival. This years offering does not disappoint. Some of the moments captured here brought a tear to this writers eye.



On the opening night of the festival, deep within the bowels of the Batiment d’Art Contemporain the performance ‘Synthetic Lighthouse-phony” of Sonom unfolded. After the close of the performance environment they created lived on as an installation.


Lucy Benson review

The festival was joined by quite notable quantity of VJ enthusiasts from all over the globe. We were graced by the presence of VJ Culture from the east coast of the U.S. whom we invited to join the jury of the VJ Contest. Completely unexpected was the presence of Lucy Benson from Australia.

Lucy has written a very fine article on her blog about her experiences at this edition of the festival. She also delivers some valuable critiques that every artist should savior in moving this still budding medium forward in a meaningful way.



As I write this the festivities of Mapping 2009 are definitely closed. It was quite an edition. We enjoy every edition. It would be difficult to make comparisons because with each one we collapse from exhaustion and smile and every year the smile gets a little wider.

This year, despite still being a multi-location-simultaneously type event we have managed to bring together some of the most interesting artists working in the vj field today. There were some definite trends in this years selections. The first that comes to mind is the use of the live camera feed. From Teatrino, through Brubuja in the performance area to the installation of Klif, the use of a live feed was one of the components that truly defined or destroyed a direct experience through a projected image.

Another trend was the general focus on defining a physical presence on stage. The LaptopsRUS event and Strap On Dildos along with any of the acts during the Girls Night event was not just about images but how the people who control the images can be part of the experience.

If there is any area of VJing that might be defined as ‘traditional’ then for this writer it could be easily defined as VJing for DJ’s in a club. The Kompakt night was without a doubt the definitive in providing this experience. The lineup was nothing short of classical. As organizers it is sometimes very difficult during the club nights to see everything but a quick recollection definitely brings for the smoothly refined moments of Okinawa 69 on the screens of the Zoo. It was also very special to meet him as someone who loves what he does with every pulse of his body. All of this poured into his images and the movements that change them to the music. Bravo.

As we slowly recover from the whole experience we hope to provide you with more information/photos/videos of the festival as well as any activities that will appear on our horizon.




Now there is some love.


The photos of Thierry Bouscayrol

Last year, the tall, slim bespectecled Thierry Bouscayrol purchased a Panasonic DMC-FX37. One of the reasons he did so was because the sales people told him he could shoot full resolution HD on it. He reported to the Mapping Team that he had been taking photos and videos of the festival and that he would share them with us.

The photos from last year remained with him so we are getting those a year late. But it was worth the wait. We got to see some moments of the festival we had missed as is often the case when you have multiple venues operating at the same time. While we sort through the old we are also pleased to be able to quickly present Thierry’s most recent images from this years Mapping Festival. Follow the link on the photo to see more.



AKRYLONUMERIK teaser from mappingfestival on Vimeo.


Beat Torrent annulé /cancelled

Le groupe Beat Torrent a annulé sa venue au dernier moment. Il sera remplacé par Torrent de Bites, un duo VJ/DJ aussi impromptu qu’enthousiaste. Et torride surtout.


MX ZEHN installation

One of the center pieces of this years installations is the work of MXZEHN. Long and thin pieces of wood butted between the ceilings, walls and floor seemingly grow from the intestines of the cold steel staircase. Within the triangulation’s that are generated by the structure are small pieces of card board. We are often used to expecting a lot of bright light from the surfaces we project on. Therefore it is a pleasant change in seeing the softness of the unpainted cardboard.

I found it to be very calming when watching it. It almost demands it but in a very kind and effective manner. It is a static shatter that does not bite.

Cameras: Jerome Monnot, Ilan Katin
Editing: Jerome Monnot


Mobile projections?

World Radio have posted an article about the mobile video projects presented at this years Mapping Festival. Interviews with Videoman, VJ Lupin and VJ Oblivion.


From Wednesday.

This video (without the audio so as not to interfere with the installations) will be projected in the entrance of the Bac from the 13th to inform visitors of future, current and past events and performances.

Schedule of the Mapping Festival from the 13th to the 17th. The background images are MXZEHN installation (preparation) and Boris Edelstein folding t-shirts. The music was provided by MXZEHN. Graphics and animation by Ilan Katin.


TSR Promo

Swiss (French) TV station TSR requested a small promo video containing some of the highlights included in our press release. Amira edited together this spot and Ilan Katin put together the beginning and end motion graphics.


Pictures - day 3 - 10 may

Some photos by Fraçois Montcarey and Deborah Legivre capture the dramatics of performances by Teatrino and The Erasers.


Teatrino Electrico / The Erasers

The Erasers

Teatrico Electrico

Zoo is mostly a Thursday, Friday, Saturday type venue. But on Sunday night, April 10th, the dance floor was cut in half to accommodate a more intimate experience, the audio visual performances of Teatrino Electrico followed by The Erasers.

Starting with Teatrico the duo sample audio and video feeds of printers and other mechanical contraptions of their own making, using cameras and microphones attached and directed to them. I have seen many attempts in this area of audio visual performance. However the selectivity and intensity that Teatrico apply to this approach was extremely gratifying.

The Erasers setup consisted of two long rows of tables that ran parallel to each other in front of the three large screens. The screens were the back drop and amplification of what occurred on the tables. The tables closest to the screens were lined with computers and other mixing equipment. This allowed for the artists using this equipment to face the video that they were projecting and allowed the audience to see how they were doing this. A gesture to demystifying the process? The second table, set at about a meter and a half from the first one was for cutting paper, writing on it, tearing it to pieces, spray painting, smashing a toy ambulance, whacking a computer keyboard to pieces in time with the ’sound track’, eating a VHS tape, setting fire to plastic toy soldiers…

Until there is video of these performances it is highly recommended to have a look at The Erasers blog. Full of photos that interleave performance documentation with simple meditations on the intricate mechanics of a highly mediated world.


Pictures - day 2 - 09 may

Photos by François Montcarey of performances at the Bac and Zoo.


… updates.

Further documentation of the Lumens8 crew in action. Shots of all the locations where the outdoor projections will take place in the coming weekend. The Zoo crew setting up the boxing ring for LaptopsRus. Installation setup of the a/v parasite by Sigma6. Performance of Klif with the Proteins, party with LaptopsRUs, Sexy Sushi, Dothy, Miss Duckin, Marie-Avril, Raquel Meyers, Strap on Dildos and Etepetete. Finally Kompact night with Burger/Voigt, Bruno Tait, Tobias Thomas, Okinawa 69, Chaton, Frischvergiftung, Daschund and Superposition.


Sigma6 A/V parasite installation

Light installation by Sigma6 in the entrance to the Usine. Soundtrack by Jeff Carey


pictures - day 1 - 08 may


Preparation (video essay)

A quickly shot and edited of some of the preparations involved in making the festival go boom, boom. MXZEHN, Lumens8 crew and Klif at the Bac. Shot and edited by Ilan Katin.



I can almost smell the ink

Dirty hands

The selections were made, a schedule refined. We close in on the day of commencement. We sit amongst piles of posters, flyers, telephones, clicking mice, tapping of keyboards. Big slamming sound goes off after a quick high pitched beep sound releasing yet another ‘mapping t-shirt’ from the heated grasp of the pressing machine.



The Mapping Festival is looking for volunteers ! Please send an email to brains (at)

This year, the Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain, the Spoutnik cinema, the Zoo club, the Labo gallery, l’Ecurie, le Cabinet and, for the first time, several urban locations, will host AV performances, installations, lectures, workshops and clubbing nights.

One of the most exciting new items this year will be the presentations of urban projections. Some of the leading artists in this field have been invited to transform the facades of several of Geneva’s historical landmarks. Be on the alert as there will be several events involving mobile projections that will take place in neighboring areas.

Also for the first time, the Spoutnik cinema will be the host of an international VJ contest. Come and see how contemporary VJ’s stack up under the scrutiny of a panel of seasoned VJs.

As in previous editions some exclusive and surprising installations will be shown at the Building of Contemporary Art.

A night dedicated to female VJs at the Zoo club, a crazy A/V night will take place in the alternative venue l’Ecurie, and many more special events that will highlight the hive of activities of the hybrid disciplines presented in the festival!


Le Mapping Festival recherche des bénévoles ! Envoyez un email à brains (at)

Le Mapping Festival investit Genève du 8 au 17 mai 2009 et projette sa 5e édition un peu partout !

Initié en 2005 par les créateurs du logiciel Modul8 et le Zoo/Usine, le Mapping Festival est un lieu de rencontre, de réflexion, d’échange et un tremplin pour les artistes
et les professionnels des nouveaux média. Il se concentre tout particulièrement sur le travail de l’image en temps réel et de toutes les cultures électroniques qui l’entourent.

Cette année, le Bâtiment d’art contemporain, le cinéma Spoutnik, le Zoo, la galerie Labo et – pour la première fois – plusieurs lieux urbains inédits, verront performances, installations, conférences, workshops et soirées prendre possession de leurs murs.

La grande nouveauté sera la projection urbaine qui habillera plusieurs bâtiments du centre ville, tandis que des projections mobiles, auxquelles vous serez invités à participer, se baladeront dans les quartiers environnants.
Mais aussi, au Spoutnik des projections de films spécialement choisis par l’équipe du cinéma, une compétition enflammée de VJs, des installations étonnantes et exclusives au Bac, une soirée dédiée à la création féminine au Zoo, une soirée bien déjantée à l’Ecurie et encore tant d’autres rendez-vous qui marqueront le fourmillement des disciplines hybrides présentes sur le festival !